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  3:17am ...the waking hour  

Protected by her close friends, Addie was in serious trouble. Someone keeps on attacking her but she’s been lucky so far. She has no idea who or why someone is after her, she thinks she’s just an ordinary teenage girl.

When a Detective gets involved due to a high school girls murder, the detective thinks it’ll be just another easy case until he meets Addie.  He is a non-believer in psychic, mystic and supernatural abilities. So when Addie tries to tell him where she got her information, her dreams, he quickly dismisses her. Until Detective Gray is faced with the reality of it all.

Together Addie’s friends try to protect her, in doing so her boyfriend contracts an unsolvable illness. Addie starts to think it could be supernatural: could he be turning into something monstrous. Addie must find out what’s happening to the both of them but she unselfishly puts him first.

In doing so, Addie finds out things about herself she rather not know. They try to get the advantage of her advisory, using her dreams and trusting her instincts. While she and her boyfriend are unstable, Addie relies more on him and her friends for help than the messages that are given to her in her sleep to try and strengthen her relationship with her true love.

Together with her friends and Detective Gray they will find answers.


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