3:17am ... the waking hour | author Shera Eitel-Casey 3:17am ... the waking hour | author Shera Eitel-Casey
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3:17am ... the waking hour | author Shera Eitel-Casey

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I went to College of Du Page for one year, University of Akron for another, then got a full-time job and didn't go back to school full-time. Went back to College of Du Page and then North Central in Naperville Illinois part-time.

I was the first one out of the house out of three siblings and in my own apartment, I could barely afford it. I forgot to budget in food so it was quite a struggle. I have always been independent as far as I can remember not always a good thing you need to know when to lean on someone.

I worked a year or so at Royal Crown Cola Corporation and Ace Hardware Corporation, then I moved to RNMI at the National Association of Realtor building in Chicago for the next 10 years. I quit my job as Director of IT & Financial Services after my second child but not before starting up my own business designing websites called CoeyTech.com. Designing websites and working on the Internet was my favorite part of my previous job so that's how I decided to start my own business.

I had my third boy 2004 and worked my company through thick and thin for 15 years. Working from home allowed me the freedom to help raise our children. Now that they are older and getting more independent themselves I needed more to do. And there is only so much technical and design work you can do in a day.

I started writing January 2008, but not before always encouraging some of my friends (who should be writing) to write throughout the years... I had good story ideas in the back of my head but never considered myself a writer to put pen to paper. That was until I read this one book that I thought was, well, terrible, and I thought I couldn't do much worse.

So I thought what the heck and I started writing down my good ideas and then came up with a couple more. In 2008 I spent five hours writing. Until January 2009, I decided to write a diet book, I have been on diets more times than I can count. But it fizzled out when my diet fizzled out (I still want to finish now because I kicked it in the butt and have lost 50 pounds). And here is where I started writing my novel 3:17am again.

I started writing my novel on Sundays because my husband would always tell everyone in the family to get ready to leave to run errands “Get your shoes and coats on we’re leaving….” Well, we would but then we would all stand at the door waiting impatiently for him. It would take him at least an hour before he was ready to leave himself. So I started sitting at my PC, waiting, not wanting to start a project I couldn't finish, until one day I did just that. One chapter led to another and the economy slowed and then my friend who had started writing herself encouraged me to write more; the next thing I knew I had written my first novel (FYI editing (at least for me) takes much more time than the writing). I have since started writing a second book.

They do say some people are afraid of their own success, but I don’t think that’s me. I am running my own business(s) (CoeyTech.com and CoeysCloset.com and CoeyFlyer.com) and writing two books (I continued on my dieting book and have documented my trials and trivials along the way). Let's just see if I can elevate my business and my books sales though first before we decide. 

Even though I have run my own business out of my house and raised three boys for the past twelve years, I really enjoyed adding writing to my list of endeavors and plan to continue to keep writing from here on out. I figure I can only get better at it; my girlfriend told me if you do anything, play baseball, bowl or write for 2000 hours you are supposed to be a pro thereafter. I have written over 500 hours, and this is only including book time not any other papers or professional writing I have completed, so I am still an amateur, but am getting better.

The one thing people like most about me is if I say I’m going to do something, I do it. Whether I fail at it or succeed I don’t stop trying until I have exhausted all options.


Shera Eitel-Casey



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