3:17am ... the waking hour | author Shera Eitel-Casey 3:17am ... the waking hour | author Shera Eitel-Casey
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3:17am ... the waking hour | author Shera Eitel-Casey

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  3:17am ...the waking hour  

...in the middle of a cabin she was unfamiliar with, far away from home, Addie held her neck tight. An icy shiver went through her entire body, an intense sensation she’d never experienced. Petrified with her bare feet rooted to the floor, not knowing if she should move, hide or even try to run, she just stood there in shock; the flames from the fire warmed one side of her and the other was cold as ice.

She had been so distracted being in love for the first time it blinded her to all the signs of danger. She couldn’t unravel it all before but now she could see everything, she was finally having her moment of clarity. All the pieces of the puzzle were finally falling into place.

The mysterious entity that had been stalking Addie and trying to trap her; she now knew why it was after her. And poor Jett, her first love, got himself caught in the middle trying to protect her and now his life has been forever changed and not for the good. I’m sure he blames Addie for what he is and what he’s becoming.

It all started when Addie had her first dream come to life, she confided in her best friend Nic and together they test their theory. Addie records all of her dreams in a journal and Nic reads, signs and dates them for authentication. Together they investigate to see how many of them genuinely track with her journals and become reality. If they never started this, if they were blind to it all, would all of this still have happened and would Jett have been exposed?



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